Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nature, You are my sobriety

Nature, you are my sobriety
knuckles white on a
crumbling pillow cover
writer's minds abhor
everyday troubles
can I get an amen?

the desk full of
quantitative papers
step one, step two, step three
become only the unframed
picture of a small boy
with brown eyes
a cigarette carton
with one finger left
unopened for years
details haunt

but nature, today
on a swing, under my oak
you let all your details out to play
racketing details
and yet contain them
and everywhere was
life, life, life abundantly
but no chaos
beauty in tiny white flowers
scattered on hot black tar
painted high on
smoggy southern california
even I
with my dirty white shirt
a mind exploding 1000 times with duty
a heart yearning for chaos
I am contained in you
I am one in a
and today that is okay
and today it makes me feel good.

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