Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sexy Little Bride Cupcakes.

Happy Bachelorette Party to my beautiful sister, Meg!
I thought I would post a little blog featuring the cupcakes I made for her party..mostly because I think the names I gave them were worth sharing ;)
Chai and Honey cupcakes for the honeymoon "sweet and spicy night"

She is getting married at Strawberry Fields Farm so this one was a little tribute to that!

Haha these ones are my favorites, I was putting the hershey's kisses on top and realized that if I put two it looked like boobies, hence the name "Sexy and Tempting Devil's Food cupcakes (w/ boobies!)"

The groom's mom also brought these little treats that I thought were so cute, lingerie cookies!

The big day is coming up quick, love you muff!

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