Sunday, January 9, 2011

2 random thoughts.

As I spent some time in prayer this Sunday evening at home, I felt two random thoughts come to the forefront of my mind. I thought I'd share them:

1) I took a trip to Mammoth last week with my quirky Antioch Family. My friend Jae got a vision from the Lord that really shook me up. He said he saw an arm with really strong forearm muscles and really strong biceps, but the joints in the elbow, wrist, and shoulder were extremely weak. He felt like this represented the church. Individuals are strong but if our connections to other parts of the body are weak we are essentially ineffective. This year let's focus on strengthening not only ourselves but also on connecting more than ever to other believers. I dare you to ask God who in your church to love on this week, who to bless with an encouraging note (not a love note, that is stalking), who to buy a small gift for, who to go to lunch with, who to call that maybe you feel awkward around, etc...let's BE the church.

2) I try to remember as often as I can to pray for the victims of human and sex trafficking. In my opinion it is the worst crime the world has ever seen, it breaks the Lords heart and consequently my own. Today while I was praying the Lord led me to pray not only for the enslaved but also the captors. It felt weird, honestly. But we are to love our enemies, right? I prayed that the people at the head of this evil "business" would be softened, healed, and fall in love with Jesus. I realized that if they become radical lovers of Jesus, they would be absolutely the most effective people at tearing down the entire operation. So it doesn't have to be human trafficking, but whatever you are passionate about, pray for the people who look like the bad guys. If we can turn the bad guys of all crimes into Christians...what will the victims have to fear anymore? Pray big in 2011, God is moving like crazy..

that's all. :)

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